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Recently, anhui province announced the progress of several high-speed rail projects, among which the anhui section of the new high-speed rail has passed the evaluation of the social stability risk analysis report, which means that the project is one step closer to the implementation. According to a plan released by the anhui provincial development and reform commission at the beginning of this year, construction of the new high-speed railway is scheduled to start within this year.

He-nr is the hefei to xinyi section of heqing high-speed railway, which has been included in the national 'medium and long term railway network planning' and the '13th five-year plan' construction plan of China railway corporation. The project was announced in the first eia in 2016. The line is equipped with 9 stations, including hefei west station, baduling station, dingyuandong station, mingguang west station, wuhe station, sixian east station, sihong west station, suqian east station and xinyi south station. The line is a passenger dedicated line with a designed speed of 350 km/h. After the xinyi railway station is connected to the lian-xu special guest station under construction, it goes east to lianyungang and finally arrives at Qingdao. The total length of the project is about 330 km, including about 221 km in anhui and 109 km in jiangsu.

'Heqing high-speed railway is constructed in three sections. The section from hefei to xinyi is connected with lian-xu high-speed railway, and the section from lianyungang is connected with qinglian high-speed railway. After the completion of all three sections of the railway, the heqing high-speed railway will be completed. Among them, qinglian railway will be open to traffic within this year and lian-xu high-speed railway will be completed in 2020, according to relevant staff of the municipal railway office.

So, what's the progress of the lian-xu high-speed railway, which has been under construction for more than a year? City railway did provide, according to data so far, even xu high-speed lianyungang within the period of the red line was basically completed, demolished and relocated on requisitioned land engineering construction is accelerating, foundation treatment tired completed 624500 square meters, earth work tired completed 245000 square meters, bridge pile driving tired to finish drilling 7926 root, open tired finish 758 caps, pier body tired to complete 656, tired to complete 102 holes, precast concrete box girders of box girder erection to complete the 17th hole, early this month is expected to complete all the first continuous beam fold.

When the lian-xu high-speed railway is completed and opened to traffic by the end of 2020, the 'golden belt' linking China's east, central and west regions will be officially opened. Lianyungang to xuzhou only 40 minutes, ning even between the car will be shortened to less than 2 hours, and shorten the xuzhou area and jiaodong peninsula time and space distance, along the pizhou, donghai, xinyi and other counties and cities travel conditions will be greatly improved.

It is also reported that the he-an-9 high-speed railway is connected with the he-an-9, changji-gan and gan-shen high-speed railways in the south, and the xulian high-speed railway in the north, the second channel of beijing-shanghai high-speed railway and the coastal high-speed railway in the north, forming the high-speed passenger transport channel from south China and the southwest via the central region to the shandong peninsula. Hefei -- xinyi -- lianyungang -- rizhao -- Qingdao has been 'straightened' as far as possible, the journey from hefei to Qingdao will be greatly shortened, and the train running time will be shortened to about 3 hours. At present, there is no train from hefei to rizhao, and the fastest regular train to lianyungang takes more than 8 hours. In the future, citizens can reach hefei in about 2 hours, or they can take the beijing-kowloon high-speed railway in hefei directly to shenzhen, Hong Kong and other developed areas in the pearl river delta.

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