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Recently published recently, according to the civil aviation administration of flight in September, according to data from the normal flight ZhengChangLv by an average of 82.18% in September, 2018, the national civil aviation, 10 major passenger airlines flight for 261352 classes, 214246 normal class, abnormal 46514 classes, flight ZhengChangLv was 81.98% on average, increased by 8.87%, compared to the 12.42% quarter-on-quarter increase. Among them, tianjin airlines ranks first among the top ten major passenger airlines in China with a score of 86.71%, nearly 5 percentage points higher than the average. At the same time, this is the fifth consecutive month since May 2018 that China aerospace topped the monthly punctuality rate of major domestic airlines.

It is reported that with the improvement of people's living standard, more and more passengers choose to travel by air. With the continuous popularization of civil aviation knowledge, more and more passengers are gradually getting to know the story behind flight operation: severe weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds, restrictions on air traffic flow and even small animals strays into the control area of the airport may lead to flight delays. The low normal flight rate in complex weather is the 'pain point' of civil aviation most concerned by passengers. Whether the plane can take off on time is also the most concerned issue for passengers. However, delays caused by traffic congestion, bad weather and mechanical failure are inevitable. In order to let passengers get better travel experience, how to ensure the flight departure on time is the focus of the airline operation.

As the first winner of punctuality rate of major domestic airlines for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017, tianjin airlines' cumulative punctuality rate is still the first among major domestic airlines in 2018. In order to explore the secret behind the flight operation, the reporter approached the tianjin aviation operation command center to find out.

, according to the relevant person in charge of tianjin aviation in the actual operation, the AOC dispatchers before releasing flights, need to review each aircraft condition, takeoff and landing at the airport, and weather, announcement, and operation of air route and guarantee conditions, etc., if you don't meet the demand of running one condition, can lead to flight to release; After flight release, if the flight flow of departure airport, air route or landing airport and area is relatively large, it may also cause overlapping delays. In addition, if the flight encountered special circumstances during the flight, such as route weather, temporary air speed adjustment, will also delay the landing time of the flight. AOC needs to predict the potential flight delay in the whole flight process before the flight takes off, and make the delay disposal plan from the most complex and difficult perspective. When delay is inevitable, AOC needs to release delay information as soon as possible, so that passengers can timely adjust their travel plans, and strive to minimize the travel cost of passengers. At the same time, the operation base of tianjin airlines is widely distributed, the span of north and south and east and west is large, and the meteorological and operational characteristics are significantly different, which increases the difficulty of guarantee. In addition, the company currently operates a variety of models, and there are differences between the models, making the operation and deployment more difficult. To this end, tianjin airlines has developed a series of control measures to improve the normal flight.

In terms of organization and management, tianjin airlines has made a breakthrough in putting forward the management and control of flight scheduled rate, and in the demonstration stage of new opening/re-opening routes, increasing the link of route scheduled rate evaluation in advance. At the same time, strict implementation of the civil aviation administration of transit time and section scheduling standards, to avoid a congenital shortage of routes.

In addition, in view of the civil aviation administration and the administration of flight testing requirements normally, tianjin aviation targeted for the tianjin aviation flight normal assessment indicators early warning mechanism, and the development of multi-level ZhengChangLv early warning, using various daily/weekly/monthly cycle, with red/yellow warning level, different dynamic early warning and monitoring the flight normal assessment indexes.

In terms of operation control, AOC has established a daily flight pre-assessment mechanism to find out the risk factors that may affect the next day's flight in advance or formulate relevant measures to deal with them in order to reduce the risk of the next day's flight.

At the same time, tianjin airlines resolutely implements the spirit of 'quick stop' of civil aviation administration, and formulates and implements the working procedure of 'tianjin airlines quick stop'. For the flights with short delay in advance, it strives for the normal operation of the later flights by deploying support plan in advance, streamlining support process and optimizing support resources. This method can effectively improve passengers' experience, shorten the time of passing through the station, and make the flight run more environmentally friendly.

In the aspect of fine management, the big data analysis function of operation quality should be brought into full play. Based on the data, the soft rib routes in operation should be discovered in time. The analysis and research should be carried out from multiple perspectives, such as route direction, flight time, and difference between flight levels.

In addition, tianjin aviation also attached great importance to the systematic construction, in 2017, independent research and development a set of flight control, disposal, decision-making with multi-function such as technology platform 'jingwei cloud decision-making', combined with the actual operation of flight monitor and operation decision-making needs, continue to perfect the system, the second phase of implementation of the system reform in 2018, through visualization, the operation of the broadcasting, effectively overcome the disadvantages of the traditional operation decision model and greatly improved the disposal efficiency of AOC for normal flight.

The airline network continued to optimize, and the total passenger transport volume exceeded 83 million

Tianjin airlines has not only achieved excellent results in terms of flight schedule, but also made great strides in route network layout and differential customization services.

According to the introduction, on January 1, solstice and September 30, 2018, the passenger transport volume of tianjin airlines was about 10.66 million. Since the establishment of the company in 2009 (as of October 18, 2018), the passenger transport volume of tianjin airlines has exceeded 83.31 million. It has a fleet of more than 100 aircraft, including A330 with more than 200 seats, A320 with 170 seats and E190 with more than 100 seats.

Tianjin airlines operates 10 bases, including tianjin, xi 'an, Hohhot, urumqi, chongqing and haikou. It has operated more than 260 routes and more than 100 cities. In accordance with the market target of 'domestic second-tier cities flying to international first-tier cities', tianhang will continue to open international routes from tianjin, chongqing and other bases, enriching the network structure of tianhang's international routes.

At present, overseas destinations of tianjin airlines' international routes include Britain, Russia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and other countries. This year, tianjin airlines has opened, reopened and encrypted several international routes to Moscow, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Now it has more than 10 international air routes, such as: tianjin = chongqing = London, tianjin = xi 'an = London, tianjin = Seoul, tianjin = jeju, tianjin = Osaka, tianjin = Tokyo, tianjin = Sapporo, tianjin = chongqing = Auckland, tianjin = xi 'an = Auckland, tianjin = zhengzhou = Sydney, chongqing = Melbourne.

In the future, tianjin airlines will continue to optimize the layout of the base, increase the construction of hub base, and strive to build a route network with regional advantages and distinctive characteristics, combining the trunk and branch, domestic and international linkage.

Differentiated customized services are launched to meet diversified needs of passengers

Starting from October 28, 2018, tianjin airlines officially launched differentiated customized services for domestic flights to meet the diversified needs of passengers. According to tianjin aviation department relevant personnel, tianjin aviation around 'service production' marketing strategy, combined with the characteristics of day navigation, reasonably adjust fares, launch special economy, super value, honour enjoy three file price, price sensitivity, functional and practical, value-added services such as different types of passengers to provide custom service differentiation fare; Differentiated purchase of meals and luggage can be realized. Passengers can purchase them through official online channels or on demand when they are actually flying. In terms of products, tianjin airlines has fully investigated the market situation of domestic airlines, launched some domestic airlines' cabin products and launched 'luggage direct connection' check-in and other services, so as to create more differentiated service products from the perspective of passenger travel.

'What you think is what you will get,' said a staff member of tianhang. Tianjin airlines will continue to maintain the original heart, committed to providing passengers with intimate service and operation guarantee. Deeply cultivate the southwest, northwest and central China, give full play to the regional advantages of chongqing, xi 'an, zhengzhou and other domestic transit cities, and make it a competitive international transit hub of tianjin airlines, and open up more international and intercontinental routes. Provide timely and considerate air service for passengers, and bring comfortable travel experience to more and more people.

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