一成不变 怎敢说创新
How to say innovation is immutable and frozen
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On November 11, fuyun keketuohai airport held the safe production and operation meeting in October, which conveyed the spirit of the analysis meeting of the production and operation of the airport group in October, investigated the problems in the safe production of the airport, and arranged and deployed the next stage of main work.

In October, fuyun keketuohai airport transported 2,479 passengers, up 2.27% month-on-month, 229KG of cargo and 3,705 guaranteed flights, up 2117% year-on-year.

At the meeting, leaders of the airport first read out the transport production situation of the airport in October and summarized the main work completed, conveying the spirit of the airport group's important instructions on air defense and operation safety in winter. The meeting required all members to continuously and thoroughly implement general secretary xi jinping's important instructions on civil aviation safety, earnestly implement and study the 26 measures of civil aviation administration, firmly grasp the security initiative, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the airport in winter. All airport departments should pay close attention to the ideological style and capacity building of personnel and earnestly implement safety responsibilities.

The meeting stressed the need to continuously strengthen the construction of the three bases and enhance the airport's comprehensive ability to cope with complex weather and flight guarantee in winter. Summarize the operational experience of echelon management, firmly establish the idea that safety is the top priority, adhere to the problem-oriented work, and strictly implement the zero-tolerance implementation of safety hazards. According to the safety work requirements of the competent departments at all levels at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, carefully analyze and summarize the problems of each post, strengthen the prevention in advance, and accurately grasp the risk of this winter's airport operation. Centering on the general working idea of airport group 1123377, I further refined the working measures, got familiar with various emergency disposal plans, and did my best to ensure the safety production of the airport at the end of the year and the beginning of the year.

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