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On November 9, in guangzhou harbor deepwater channel broadens project construction site, the reporter sees with world leading, Asia's biggest 'in hand over flagship' 'dredge ocean 1' be the delegate 3 large harrow suction type dredger team that total value exceeds 2.1 billion yuan is working day and night. By the end of this year, the guangzhou port deepwater channel will be 58.4 kilometers long, accounting for 88% of the total deepwater channel widening project, consolidating the position of guangzhou as an international port and accelerating the construction of guangzhou international shipping center.

Map editor for guangzhou port

Reporters in the scene to see, a dark blue hull of the 'big' dredger is particularly eye-catching, this is the world's leading, Asia's largest 'flagship' 'dredging ocean 1'.

After the successful completion of the construction task of Colombo port city, on July 23 this year, 'dredged ocean 1', which is affectionately known as 'island artifact' and 'map editor', returned to the home port and appeared on the construction site of guangzhou port deepwater channel.

'Today, 'ocean 1' has returned to our home port. Since it was put into operation, we have been working in foreign countries to serve the national 'One Belt And One Road' construction project. It is a great honor for us to participate in the deepwater channel widening project of guangzhou port and make contributions to the construction of the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area. According to zhang yushan, the captain of 'dredging 1' of cjac, 'dredging 1' has a deep relationship with guangzhou port, because the completion and operation ceremony of 'dredging 1' was held here on October 10, 2016, which is also designated as the ship celebration day of 'dredging 1'.

'Dredge ocean 1' this time return, hand in hand with China to build 3 acting harrow suction dredger flagship -- 'dredge sea 5', 'dredge sea 6' and 'guangzhou no.', take the lead in guangzhou harbor deepwater channel construction project. This time its task is not to quickly land, but to play its another major specialty - dredging operations, for the port of guangzhou to broaden the deep-water channel services.

As the main force of the construction of the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, China communications construction co., LTD. 's flagship dredger 'dredging ocean 1' is known as 'the country's important tool'. Its launch on October 10, 2016, 'deepened the 1' positive response to the Chinese government 'area' initiative, 'area' in the cooperation project benchmarking expert Colombo port city construction, the total amount of reclaimed nearly 27 million cubic meters, equivalent to 1325 international standard soccer field heaped up a storeys high sediment loads, and deservedly become the main force of the construction of the port city. The spectacular scene of hongguan construction with other dredgers at the scene has become a beautiful scenery line of Colombo port city, showing the elegant appearance of central enterprises, winning glory for the Chinese people, and attracting the eyeball of media attention for many times.

Hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge construction heroes came to the scene

The sea route of guangzhou port is the lifeline of guangzhou port. Learned, as a key construction project in guangzhou, guangzhou port deepwater channel project bid IV is three phase in guangzhou port to sea channel based on broadening, after the completion of the project, navigable width will be widened to 385 meters, 17 meters, the depth of the water - meet - container ships and 15 ton container ship (lightening, working draft control within 14.5 meters) two-way navigation standard construction.

On October 31, Chen hongxian, director general of guangzhou port bureau, yuan huanhui, deputy director general of guangzhou port bureau and their delegation specially came to the construction site of guangzhou port deepwater channel widening project. They welcomed the arrival of 'dredged ocean 1' and thanked cgac for its outstanding contribution to the port construction of guangzhou port over the years as a central enterprise.

According to wang baihuan, party secretary and chairman of guangzhou aviation bureau, guangzhou aviation bureau has spent ten years to build the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge and participated in several key projects. 'There are not only 'dredging ocean 1' on site, but also 'dredging ocean 5' and 'dredging ocean 6', the large-scale dredger that made great achievements in the construction of hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge island tunnel. Wang baihuan said that the construction spirit of the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge will continue to lead the builders towards a new journey, and the fleet will adhere to the construction spirit of the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, strictly control the quality, and deliver a satisfactory result for the construction of guangzhou international shipping center.

It is reported that the dredger team led by 'dredging ocean 1' of China communications and guangzhou navigation bureau is located in a construction area of 8.2 kilometers in length, which is mainly composed of silt and soil. The soil is sticky and poor in diggability, which brings great difficulty to the construction. Therefore, several dredgers such as 'dredging no.1' actively carried out technological innovation and carried out technical innovation on the rake head. 'We have added more than ten 'steel teeth' for the rake teeth, effectively improving the ability to break the soil, the construction effect is good, and will greatly accelerate the pace of the construction of guangzhou international shipping center. Zhang yushan said.

In order to strictly control the construction quality, 'dredging 1' also USES advanced DGPS positioning equipment and multi-beam depth sounder to strengthen the process inspection during the construction. 'Through these advanced equipment and technical means, we can timely observe the current water depth and excavation situation on the computer screen, and constantly adjust and optimize our construction plan to effectively ensure the construction quality.'

In order to speed up the construction of guangzhou international shipping center, captain zhang yushan of 'dredging ocean 1' will command the construction work from the bridge every day, requiring the operator and dredger to carry out the fixed depth excavation strictly according to the sectional and sectional plane construction drawings, control the excavation width, strictly limit the ultra-deep and ultra-wide, and reduce the waste side. From the bottom rake, dredging loading, full load navigation, throwing mud, and then the next ship under the rake, 'dredging ocean 1' in every construction link every minute and second, and strive to shorten the operation cycle of each ship.

It is known that this world-leading dredger can adopt automatic control system in the whole process of navigation and dredging, and only 3 crew members can complete the navigation and dredging task on the bridge. But there's a lot of work behind it. In order to keep the ship running efficiently, the crew must do a good job of repairing and maintaining all parts of the ship, which is all squeezed out by the sailing time in the construction. 'Our entire crew is practicing the company's fleet spirit of 'use every minute' with practical actions.'

During the construction of 'dredging 1' in guangzhou port, a round trip between the construction area and the dredging area will take more than 7 hours. 'dredging 1' strictly abides by the dredging regulations for each voyage. 'No matter how much fuel we use, we will continue to contribute to the blue sky and clear water of guangzhou port.' Zhang yushan said.

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