一成不变 怎敢说创新
How to say innovation is immutable and frozen
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Recently, all departments in hudong and zhonghua made concerted efforts. With the cooperation of ship owners' ship inspection, the construction team of the third department of general assembly went all out to carry out various work in an orderly manner, and steadily promoted the construction of 13,000-ton heavy lifting ship series according to the plan, achieving production results.

On November 5, the load test of two sets of crane on ship no. 2, a 13,000-ton heavy crane, was successfully completed, laying a solid foundation for the ship delivery in late November.

No.3 ship is about to start the crane load test; Ship no. 4 completes weighing test; No.5 ship has entered the generator load test, and the main engine and shafting have been installed. Ship no.6 is advancing according to plan, coating efficiency is steadily improved, and operators are working hard to improve launching integrity.

The company successfully completed the PULNG project 4 ship's conventional trial and gas trial in 21 days. The ship safely docked at changxing zero base.

The conventional trial and gas trial were carried out at the same time. Combined with the trial experience of a series of ships, the gas trial adopted the 'one stop' method, which saved the trial cost. Through the unremitting efforts of the pilots, the gas trial project was successfully completed. During the trial run, the trial team paid close attention to various parameters of the cargo tank, timely processed all kinds of alarms, and pushed forward the completion of inspection application nodes as planned. Due to the full preparation, all tests are safe, orderly and efficient.

The successful completion of the gas test not only shortened the production cycle, but also indicated that the company was about to start the final sprint before the delivery of the ship.

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