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Rising consumption in China favorable global air cargo industry

The rise of China's consumption of imported fresh fish, lobster, cheese and other ingredients with the demand, the global air cargo revenue last year hit 50 years after the worst market conditions, has now recovered from the dead.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) 6 月份 estimates of overseas luxury goods in China and increasing demand for fresh ingredients, this year's global air cargo is expected to grow 18.5%.

Hong Kong Institute of Research Securities analyst Kelvin Lau said: "The Chinese purchasing power surge, attracts more and more investment and luxury brands. To Cathay Pacific, for example, air cargo revenues accounted for nearly 1 / 3 of the proportion of materials will strong profit growth in support. "

China's domestic consumption rose steadily, Chinese imports increased by 53% during the first half of this year, thus reducing China's trade imbalance. China's trade imbalance caused by air cargo flights carry a flight to China to Chinese exports.

London market research firm Euromonitor International 3 月 that the Chinese middle class families the proportion of total household total number of 2020, will be this year's 32% to 46%. The so-called middle-class families is mediated in annual disposable income of USD 5,000 to 15,000 families.

Citigroup Inc. (Citigroup) this month that China as the world's fastest growing economies this year, 9.5% growth rate point of view.

In response to rapidly rising demand in China, Hong Kong and Italy City'super Salvatore Ferragamo boutique stores in China have been providing additional Cathay Pacific cargo plane parked in the complex have also down.

The world's largest express transportation company, UPS package for Hong Kong this year, air cargo increased by 2 classes, an increase of 1 class in Shanghai freighter. The world's largest air cargo company FedEx is planning to purchase more of the Asian cargo to haul. UPS and Federal Express this month to the Asian market have been growing on the grounds, raised outlook.

Global air cargo traffic dropped 10% last year, the world 60 years into the most serious economic downturn impact on international trade. Korean Air the world's largest commercial cargo airline estimates that air cargo traffic will exceed the 2007 record high.


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