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Additional fees will become the Eurasian line "last straw"

     French shipping consultancy Alphaliner the latest investigation report Eurasian route, cargo capacity, falling demand and excessive investment in new markets, have resulted in liner shipping industry downturn comes early to predict the end of next year, shipping companies, European and Asian markets may be 60 70 container ships without cargo transport to "Bay water."

      Report predicts that next year, form of liner companies operating in the EU law enforcement and anti-Keduan under low shipping costs, shipping companies little difference between the freight, the strategy is to increase revenue in a variety of pretexts for additional fees and terminal handling, large may become the focus of the market. The industry will adjust to varying degrees, terminal handling charges (THC), fuel surcharge (BAF) and currency adjustment fees (CAF) and other surcharges, so the focus of competition may fall outside the policy change on shipping. EU anti Keduan law this month in the shipping industry's implementation of 18, many shipping companies have earlier announced that the new surcharge program.
THC has increased the European part of terminal

      According to the survey Alphaliner, Europe in general will be to increase the THC, such as the Netherlands an average increase of 14% THC, while the British pier on average increased by 47%. In addition, some shipping companies began to increase or to increase BAF and CAF ensure revenue, but also a few European and Asian shipping companies to choose to reduce the east line of BAF, 预计 difference between the surcharge will increase competition among shipping companies.
      In addition, the report also pointed out that the new rules ushered in the shipping company at the same time, European and Asian shipping market is facing declining demand and excess capacity and other challenges of the new display has been the industry's downturn comes earlier, shipping will be more fierce competition in the market.
The report also predicts that the global economic outlook bleak, the future demand growth in European and Asian routes will continue to slow. 2008 European and Asian demand growth forecast for the westbound to be reduced to 1.7% in 2009, was also reduced to a similar prediction of 2.8%, far lower than previously forecast growth of 9% in the years 08-09 -16%. The first 7 months Ou Yaxi to the lines of 3.3% growth in demand, relative to 17% in 2007, growth has been slowing down, while the East to the line recorded a negative growth rate of 4.4%, shows the Eurasian routes downturn has come.
      The face of declining demand in Q3 of this year's class reflects the European and Asian market began to decline rate can not be digested capacity growth. Although this year during the period May to September is no longer significant growth in capacity in the market, but the first 3 quarter fell to 92% of accommodation use was still lower than the 2003-2007 period the average space utilization of 97% between 2007 This year in April, Europe and Asian markets rose 14% capacity, and further decline in demand reflects the shipping market, has begun to not digest the new capacity.

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